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The author of iHover is Tara D. Turner. Ms. Turner is a native of Miami, Florida.  She is a business owner and a manager.  She calls herself the “Momager” because she has spent a great deal of time getting her daughter and other students prepared for life. The creation of this book is a labor of love because she had to navigate many strategic endeavors to come up with a life plan for both she and her daughter and too many requests to mention from other parents needing to strategize their students’ success plan.

The author received significant input and feedback from administrators and school staff in support of this effort.  Although guidance counselors still exist, many of them have been phased out due to funding cuts and redistribution of classroom roles and responsibilities. Those that remain have caseloads in the hundreds and may not have the capacity to give your child the individualized care that you would want them to have.  

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