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"Conventional college prep may not be enough
anymore when competing for college admission.
A series of new strategies must be put in
place to get your student noticed."


Tara D. Turner

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The Ultimate Guide to Graduation

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Why iHover

In theatre, TV and film there’s a script.  In sports, there’s a playbook. Even in treasure hunting, there’s a map. What guiding resource is there to successfully lead a parent through the world of life skills training, educational strategies, and college preparation? It is called iHOVER- a step by step guiding document to help navigate the waters between the entrance of middle school and college acceptance. 


iHover is a valuable, interactive resource with checklists and strategic planning instructions for every stage of the student experience.  This book is designed to empower the student and encourage the parent.   You can search the internet for days and months and still miss key steps in the process.  With this book in hand, everything is covered. From conquering the beast called financial aid to avoiding the 10K senior year…From successfully coordinating standardized testing to the writing of a winning college essay…From learning to calculate GPA to mastering dorm room packing.  


In the past, the term “hovering parent” took a negative spin.  However, with this book you will see how positively perfect it is to hover over your student as they plan for their future.  You are allowed to say…."iHOVER and my kid will thank me later!”


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